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Restaurant Supplies

Come into one of our stores to browse through our selection of restaurant use products. We have years of experience dealing with restaurants, banquet halls, churches, community centres, and other institutions in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Various supplies include:
- Dishes (plates, bowls, cups, serving pieces)
- Large Cooking Pots
- Kitchen Utensils
- Prepware (colanders, mixing bowls, measuring cups)
- 30 cup, 42 cup and 100 cup Coffee Urns
- Stainless Steel Large Size Storage Canisters (for rice, pasta etc.)
- Glassware including hi-ball, whiskey, wine, martini glasses, water pitchers and more

Our restaurant supply products can be viewed on our sister site at

For more information on volume orders, please visit one of our locations and speak with a sales associate or email us at

Restaurant supplies

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